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The Next Big Adventure
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At sixty-one years old the question of what I want to do with the rest of my life pops up frequently.  In my head, anyway.  Maybe by this time most people already know this, or, perhaps they’re already doing it. Not me, though.  I’ve always been one to plan for the next adventure even as I’m experiencing this one.

Our granddaughter looking out over Rosarito, Mexico

My husband and I are private pilots and have owned our own small airplanes for most of our forty-two years together.  We began with a Piper Tri-pacer that we hand started by swinging the prop.  In that we flew over the top of Mount Saint Helen one week after it blew, our two sons, ages two and three, sitting in the jump seat behind us.  The image of that smoking giant surrounded by miles and miles of mud-slicked terrain with pine trees on their sides like toothpicks, remains firmly stamped onto my mind. From that plane we moved to Cessnas, 172’s, 182’s, 210’s, and my own plane, a sweet little 152 that now lives in Israel at a flight training school.  Oh yes, we keep track of them after we sell them, where they are and if they’re getting the attention they deserve.  Planes are like children, or, in a different context, mistresses, in that one becomes emotionally involved with them. 

Landing at Ensenada, Mexico

My husband Guy learned to fly helicopters when he went to Viet Nam in the early 1970’s, and he brought the Flying Fever to our relationship.  I saw early on that his passion for flying would either result in a separation between us or as a point of unity.  So I got my own pilot’s license and the pictures of our planes rest proudly on the living room wall, nestled amongst all of the other family photos.

So what does this have to do with writing? Well, we have a plan. We come up with them every decade or two.  Our goal is to investigate the possibility of becoming you tubers.  Vlogging.  We’re most familiar with Baja California in Mexico, the small peninsula that runs under California USA.  We spent years exploring the small airports there, staying in remote and not-so-remote areas, and now we’re looking into the possibility of vlogging about it. 

Guy, El Piloto

We’ve set the end of this year to get the house in order, scan the photos, finish the family stories, get rid of extra stuff and pack away what we’ll want in our old, old age.  If all goes according to plan, it will go into a storage unit where we will keep the Tahoe and a travel trailer.  This (huge) house will be sold and we’ll take to the road for a year or more. 

Of course things might go awry.  Or off track.  One of us might die, or get sick, or, or, or.  When I was nineteen and Guy was twenty-three, he took a job with a military contractor to work for the Shah of Iran.  We were posted in a hardship area on an Iranian military base.  When my aunt, who had never left her state, heard of this, she was appalled.

“How will you ever be able to save up to buy your own home?” she asked, after several other what if’s failed to change my mind.  That question decided me.  If, I thought, my next adventure was centered around being able to buy a house my life was over before it began.  We were definitely going.

Of course, carefully laid plans are not always a go.  Life happens and I get that.  But it gives me a definitive goal to do what needs to be done anyway.  Clean things up for the next adventure, no matter what it is, is where my head is at these days.




This week - 13th February 2017
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Monday Muse – Jill has provided us with some great muses:
- Write a piece including the following words: scree, shadow, blisters, guilt;
- Something on a choice of the following themes: 1)  A change of plan 2) Afraid of the dark or 3) Winding back the clock.
- and some photos (make of the green one what you will and an excellent imagine of an old woman on a skateboard).

Maggie is due to write us a blog this week.  

The Bragging Stool is a little quiet this week. Sue’s adhoc run continues (her 51st week – will there be a party next week, Sue?!) and also she has had an illustration used for one of the winning stories. Congratulations.

There are a couple of new entries under February Challenges and Opportunities, one of which is a post by Maggie:  The Font welcomes submissions of high quality short stories, articles, essays, poems, cartoons and other forms of creative writing or visual art which provide insight, reflection, humour, and inspiration on the theme of language teaching or learning.
And Sue has added a post about a 700 word piece that needs rewriting into American English.

The next formal meeting will be held on Sunday February 26th at 4pm with Maggie in the chair.

I couldn’t fine when the next informal meeting is, so apologies for that.

Apologies if I’ve missed anything. Do let me know and I can make changes.

Have a great writing week, everyone! 

This Week
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I hope this week finds you all well.

Monday Muse – Crilly has posted the muses with six sentences ideas and four picture prompts.
- there were two moons that night
- Her passport had expired...
- brushed away the dust from the gass mask
- or a picture of a midwife, some Vietnamese(?) peasants, or a station master

People seem to be finding the muses a good prompt. See how many can write this week. Any style any number of words - just get something down on paper. 

Chris has provided us with the blog this week, Write for One Person - takes inspiration from Carl Phlilips and William Kenower, about writing for an audience of one, as each reader is an individual. Don't try and cover everyone and learn to find your own voice. 

On the Bragging Stool this week Sue's illustration has been used for one of the Ad Hoc winning stories, and a week wouldn't go by when she hasn't had a story on the Ad Hoc challenge!

February Challenges and Opportunities are up and there will be work to look at very shortly when I post a story for critiquing! How about entering a competition this month? Lots to chose from at the moment.

The next informal meeting will be held on Sunday 12th February at 11am CET

The next formal meeting will be held on Sunday February 26th at 4pm with Maggie in the chair.

Bright and chilly this morning here in Cumbria. I hope it is nice where you are. Wishing you a good writing week!



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Monday, February 13, 2017
This week - 13th February 2017
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