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This week 23rd November 2015
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Chris has added this week's blog reflecting n happenings, good and sad over the last week. She also has a peek at how writing has changed and reflects that she has had to change her writing to fit today's market. Things always move on...

Dianne has added the notes from yesterday's meeting to the site. Much of the meeting was spent talking about sales of the anthology which have slowed considerably last month. The results of the survey were briefly discussed and are on the site if you want to check them.†

Crilly has added this week's muses. Some sentence starters or prompts and a beautiful picture of an English autumn - where it is not raining.†

The bragging stool is a bit quiet although Glyn has been interviewed for a podcast and Dianne has been featuring several of our members on a National Short Story Week blog post.†

Most people seem to have been busy with Nano for the last few weeks. Another week to go by my reckoning, and some people need to sort out the end of the world, get their heroine out of a grocer's van or bring them back to life. Good luck to all.

Have a good writing week, everyone.

Monday 23 November
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I have been pondering what to write in this Blog for days. With the sudden loss of dear Doreen and the awful things happening in Paris, Beirut and Mali, blogging about my personal thoughts were uppermost in my mind.

Of course there were happy times last week. Nicola and Jill met up on Thursday in Murtas, Granada Province and the following day Jill drove to Arboleas, Almeria Province, where we spent two delightful hours together, chatting over lunch.

I feel fortunate and so happy to have met Nicola, Alyson and Jill. In 2016 I plan to try and meet other WA members who are not too far away from my neck of the woods.

Having reflected, briefly enough, I hope, I move on.

I decided to check out sites dealing with blogging/creative writing content. There are hundreds of course. I read bits from a few of them and was struck by one in particular. Writers' Treasure talks of creative writing needing to keep up with the times. Viewing it as a constant will result in failure for the writer. The elements of creative writing change over time - just as technology evolves, so does the need of the reader and therefore the output of the writer. While advice from years ago may still hold some relevance, it cannot be the only guidance for an author.

With social media, Twitter for example, the reader is accustomed to the punchy line. It is a sign of the times. Flowery language and complex prose are a thing of the past. Today's reader wants a superior piece of writing with short paragraphs and simple, pithy sentences.

The creative writer steeped in the past is destined to fail because he offers nothing fresh. He will not stand out, rather he will be lost in the masses who oppose any change.

This piece resonated with me due to my age! I was a student so long ago and have found it hard to leave behind some of the ways I was taught. Whilst not incorrect, indeed far from it, I have needed to adjust my writing to accommodate my readers.

I sometimes make the error of writing in my old way. It's a habit hard to break. However, I find the advice/critiques from WA members invaluable in getting me back on track. When I first joined the group, I didn't always heed suggestions, believing I had been taught well. I was shuttered to the need to be a writer for today. The written word is fluid, ever changing, and it must fulfil the need of the modern day reader.

Are there any members out there who have had to abandon a familiar way of creating a work because, actually, it's old hat?†

extra news
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Thank you Vanessa.

Yes, there is a Formal Chat next Sunday at CET as usual.

Hopefully, too, all WA surveys are now in.


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Monday, November 23, 2015
This week 23rd November 2015
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