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This Week - June 26th 2016
Category: Site News

I'm doing This Week on behalf of Bieke, who you may know is taking some time out... so here goes

Sue has provided some great Muses to exercise our creative writing muscle. They include the use of poetic language, an intriguing thriller scenario, a list of words and the 150th birthday of Canada, pluse a few pictures of course. 

Chris has written our weekly Blog on the theme of procrastination, one close to all our hearts I would imagine. If you don't suffer from this terrible affliction please share how you manage it! For me, being accountable to WA helps

On the Bragging Stool we have Jill, Vanessa and myself with stories accepted by FlashFlood Journal for National Flash Fiction Day and Alyson who revised a story which was accepted by Womans Weekly

We postponed our Formal Chat yesterday as many members couldn't make it. There is an extended agenda in the Meeting Room for comments and discussion.

The WA magazine is getting some interest but we've still not had anyone enter the quiz yet, so please shout out wherever you can!

Finally, if you haven't yet, please find some time to post your Writing Visions in the forum which has been set up. As agreed at the last meeting, we would use this exercise for new members and it's important that we all share ours.

As the heatwave continues into the second week here in Italy, my brain is like a puddle so apologies if I've missed anything!

Time Management v Procrastination
Category: Writing
Tags: writers abroad creative writing organising writing time management

I'm posting this on behalf of Chris Nedahl who is away in the UK welcoming the newest addition to her family, a granddaughter.

Time management v procrastination - 'Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.'

April was an amazing month for me. After a lovely holiday, seeing widely different parts of my adopted country, and visiting Madeira, I met Nicola and Robin again, Angela, Jo and Simon for the first time. Chatting to the girls made me feel motivated to keep writing, and work towards publication.

I have actually sorted out a domain and site and on my return from the UK intend to start posting my poetry and prose - it has taken me years!

I am working once more on my young adult novel. It started out, a long time ago, as a short story for a competition. It was not successful but I so loved the idea behind it, I worked on turning it into book form. I haven't been happy with the direction it took so recently, when I found another story I had written, somewhat other worldly, I decided to combine the two. It changes the current form considerably but I think makes it more appealing to my anticipated audience.

I am also timetabling my work time. It is shared between writing, genealogy, and Spanish. I did this a couple of years ago and it helped me stay focussed. I feel my attempt to move my writing forward and up a notch will be helped by a time management plan.

I want to enter The Bath Children's Novel Award, and I thought giving myself a framework would encourage me to get a regular amount of writing done daily. Whilst I need only 5,000 words and a synopsis by November 19th, I have so much more already written, I hope to have edited the whole thing by then. Please feel free to 'chivvy' me along. I will post chapters on site for your perusal.

Needless to say it would be extremely beneficial to hear what WA friends think. Will sticking with this arrangement provide me with a modicum of success? How do you ensure you are productive on a daily basis? Those who have editors' deadlines have a force to be reckoned with but for the likes of me, procrastination all too often wins the day.

I feel highly motivated at the moment - have I set enough in place to keep that motivation going?

Any tips, gratefully received, and I apologise now for this being a 'me' blog but I am trying very hard to become a more productive, and organised, writer.

This Week - June 19th 2017
Category: Site News

This week – Angela has posted a very helpful blog on the subtleties of revealing character.  If we are too heavy handed we bore and disappoint the reader, too ambiguous and they end up frustrated.   This has always been a challenge for me, and I’m grateful for Angela’s insights.

Jo’s muse prompts leave me no excuse for not attempting a muse this week.  I’m particularly musing on the one which prompts me to design and describe my own secret lair.

Nicola’s sangria-inspired writing vision (her words not mine!) begins with “I think in order to look forward we need to understand where we are and how we got there…”  Which proves that relaxing on the beach can and does reveal great truths about ourselves.

I agree with Sue that the Poetry Project is off to a slow start. I’ve had my scribblings sitting by my chair for two weeks and just can’t seem to put it all together.  She mentioned she was hoping for more discussion, perhaps this Sunday’s meeting will encourage some thoughts on this.

This week on the Bragging Stool Jo’s “Smiles and Heartaches” was accepted by Flash Flood and Jill’s story “The Widow” was accepted by the NFFD Journal for Flash Fiction Day.  Woo-hoo, thanks for the examples set!!

Bieke will be taking some time off from WA, due to family issues.  We will look forward to her return in September.  Vanessa has returned from Sweden and getting back into the swing of things.  Crilly let us know she’s been focused on family issues, including a loss, but is getting back to normal.




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