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Jan 18th 2016

Hi Maggie. A big welcome from me as well!

Jan 18th 2016

Hi there Maggs - so fabulous to have you here.

Jan 18th 2016

Your photos tell a lovely story!

Jan 18th 2016

Hi Maggie, welcome to Writers Abroad!

Jan 18th 2016

Welcome to WA, Maggie. Hope to see you posting some stuff soon.


Welcome to my Profile Page.
Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I believe those of us who have spent so many years abroad see the world in a fundamentally different way. This has brought me many blessings, but at the same time left within me a sense of loneliness and a deep sadness that I could not connect with people who shared this perspective. Then I joined More Writers Abroad and discovered not only a community of expats but also writers! I’m so excited to again be amongst such friends. I hope I can offer to the members of WA what I know I will be able to receive.

I spent my childhood and young adulthood in Nigeria, Brazil, Ethiopia and Iran. After raising our four children in California, my husband and I moved to Mexico to live and then later split our time between Arizona and China. We presently reside in Arizona but fly our Cessna airplane back and forth to our second home in Baja, Mexico frequently. We are both pilots and have owned small airplanes since the 1980’s, which we’ve used to explore the Western United States and Mexico.

I’ve been writing most of my life while making a living as a business owner. My non-fiction has appeared in travel, family, women and flying magazines, trade magazines for the dry cleaning and laundry business as well as newspapers, all in both print and on-line. My fiction, usually in the form of short stories, was published in various anthologies and magazine, also on-line and print. Two of my short screenplays were used in the Beat the Clock IFP Phoenix 48 Hour Film Challenge, and I enjoyed moderate success in selling a self-published book entitled “The Red Lacquer Bridge”, a historical account of a Japanese settlement in Los Angeles County at the turn of the century.

Family is important to me and ours is never dull. Our oldest son married a woman from Mexico, our third son a woman from China, and our daughter married a first generation Italian-American. Our second son married an American woman who speaks fluent Spanish and had taught their two sons the language also. As a result we have six bilingual grandchildren and a mix of languages always provides a lovely background at our family gatherings.

These days I divide my time between my day job, family, writing and getting in some blue-grass and folk music jamming when I can. I was one of the founding members of More Writers Abroad, later known as Expat Writers, and I am so pleased to become a member of Writers Abroad. I look forward to getting to know everyone here and contributing to this fine group of authors.