Managed to post. So sorry for the trouble. Didn't realise I couldnot delete until I saw ho it came up. I have to say though i feel a great sense of satisfction in getting it out there. It's been around a very long time . Jul 9th 2016

What would you like to share?

About Me
Here For
Writing, Critiquing, Support, Networking

Writing, reading, music, singing, dramatics, skiing, snowshoeing, dancing, yoga. tai chi, travelling,sewing, home decor

Favorite Music
The blues and all its derivatives which are many. Personal favourites, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton,Rolling Stones, B.B. King. Also like to embrace new music via my sons so love Mumford and Sons, Duffy, Ben Harper. In fact I love most music just not so crazy for disco or country

Favorite Movies
Thelma and Louise, Harold and Maude, Intouchables, Best Marigold Hotel, A river Runs through it....and more

Favorite Books
Gerald Durrel My Family and Other Animals, anything written by Tom Robbins, same for Robertson Davies, George Orwell. I tend to find an author I like and read everything that they ever wrote!

Favorite Quotations
when you have come to the end of everything you know and still have faith to try you must trust that you will land on solid ground....or else be taught to fly ! The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple We are all in the gutter only some of us are looking at the stars

General About Me
Have travelled the world since I was seventeen. Hail from the docks of London. For ten years I did not stay anywhere longer than six months and didn't own anything I couldn't put in my back pack and leave. My only ambition in life was to travel and now it is to write about that travel and the stories that accompany it. I love to dance, sing, make friends. Adaptable. Have picked grapes in France, lived in Crete, on a kibbutz in Israel, spent some formative years in Amsterdam just to evade my mother's disapproval. Emigrated to Australia via Canada, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand in 1980 and ended up back in Canada where I met and married a newly invested member of Foreign Affairs Canada. We spent three years in Belgium working for NATO, went straight from there to Soviet Russia during Perastroika and Glasnost (1986-1989), 2 years in South Korea, 2 years in Abidjan, 3 years in Rome, 2 years in Athens. Since my divorce in 2004 I have worked for the Department of Foreign

Shout Box
Sep 9th 2016

Hi everybody, I have been out of commission for a few weeks now, but am determined to write.  Today, I am submitting some musings on chemotherapy and going bald.  I have the idea that I want to write something for fellow chemo patients and cancer sufferers.  To demystify the whole process and let people know that they are not alone.  I hope you enjoy it.

Jul 11th 2016

I've only just caught up with this, Paulette. I'm so sorry to hear about your health issues and wish you the very best for your treatment. I hope you can do some writing and that it will prove therapeutic. Good to see you around again.

Jul 11th 2016
Sorry, to hear your health issues, Pauletter. I hope you find some time to write and find some relief doing it. Wishing you good luck with the road ahead. Take care.
Jul 6th 2016

Hi Paulette - I have deleted my original note here. I will message you later this week, suffice it to say I am so glad you are in control of this.  Hats off to you for your positivity, can you email me some!  Take care, don't get overtired - we've missed you,




Jul 6th 2016

Very pleased to see you back, Paulette, and I sincerely hope your writing will help you through your treatment. Glad to hear your condition is curable and I would never suppose that cancer 'is here to stay'. Let's be positive!

Being aware of your situation, I'll enjoy reading whatever you have to say with your writing, whenever the will or mood takes you.

Jul 6th 2016

Hi Paulette,

Good to find you on site this afternoon.

You seem to have had a tough time of it and life has certainly dealt you some curve balls. Your spirit comes through in your writing so all I can say at this point is - hold onto that spirit and stay strong. 

I wish you all the  best and if writing here from time to time helps, then good!  

Some of these happenings will perhaps translate to some form of written work in the future. 

Good luck!

Jul 5th 2016

Hi everybody.  I hve been conspicuous only by my absence on here for the last couple of months and I embrace the chance to share with you my situation and ask for your understanding.  At 62 the grinch that is cancer ,finally caught up with me.  As I mentioned before I was planning a posting to Bangladesh, departing Canada on July 31st.I  Instead I will be staying in Canada for the next six months undergoing chemo treatment every two weeks for Stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma.  A cancer, by the way, only detected because of my insistence that they biopsy a small lump on the lymphnode.  Taking into account recent event s in Bangladesh, wherein foreigners innocently eating dinner were attacked with machetes, leaving twenty dead and thirteen hostage, I truly believe that I have a guardian angel. This angel along with the universe have  decided that rather than putting my life in danger in  pursuit of the God of Mammon, I slow the hell down and take care of my health and my soul. I now intent to work towards an early retirement and spending time, writing which after all my long long first love.


I look forard to seeing you all on here whenever I am up to it.


Cheers Paulette


On the bright side, if I do subject myself to biweekly assaults on my body that will cause my hair to fall out along with various other very nasty side effects, my oncologist guarantees a 98% cure rate.  Cure. Non recurring. The jackpot of cancer they say.I had spoken to you all before about my mind opening experience of chemotherapy 10 years ago.  That time it was Hepatitis C that reared it's ugly silent head and it took one full year of chemo to totally eradicate it.  Which I did.  

Unfortunately, as well as bringing epiphanies, that chemo depressed my immune system, just enough, for hodgkins sneaky lymphoma to find a foothold and start to spread through my body.  Hepatitis C  is called the silent killer.  Most people die without ever knowing they had it.  It goes from a virus in the blood, to an all out attack on the liver.  Firstly, the liver will succumb to fibrosis that and then to cirrhosis,  Once cirrhosis takes hold, the whole process speeds up exponentially and within a 1 year to 2 year, the patient has liver cancer and dies from that.   More than 3 million Canadians were unknowingly infected with Hepatitis C.when Paul Martin was Minister of Health and his father's company imported enough gamma globulin blood products, to infect that many people.  There is in fact a class action against the government for this, and many people have been awarded damages.  Because even though these products were not the infested blood sold in the States it turned out to be nonetheless lethal.  Now, I have to ask myself  if I should just have left the Hepatitis C take it's course; whether the chemo was more dangerous than the disease.  All these things I intend to explore during the next few months and more importantly I want to write down my experiences.  Make people as comfortable with cancer as with the common cold.  Let's talk about it, not be cowered and silent when it strikes. .  Let's open a dialogue between us all, cancer victims, cancer survivors, friends and family.  Becauwse unfortunately wer are all touched by this disease, and it does seem to be here to stay.

I thank you all in advance for being patient with me, and thank you for helping me take this situation on, with my head held high and the feeling that i am doing something just by writing.


See you on here soon.






Apr 25th 2016

Hello Paulette, so we have Canada, Greece, and Belgium in common. And I simply love Russian literature. The start of a great relationship. Welcome here. BIeke 

Apr 21st 2016

A very warm welcome Paulette

Apr 18th 2016

Lovely to see you here, Paulette. I too am someone who is at my happiest 'on the road'. Welcome to Writers Abroad!