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About Me
Here For
Writing, Critiquing, Support, Networking

Dogs, art, knitting, gardens, food, beach walking, family, music, literature - in no particular order.

Favorite Music
Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Leonard Cohen, Pergolesi, Queen, Willie Nelson - in other words, music with poetic content.

Favorite Movies
Brief Encounter, Casa Blanca

Favorite Books
I read a lot. Often with 3 books on the go at once - some of my faves: Sebastian Faulks, Maggie O'Farrell, Margaret Forster, Mavis Cheek, Ian Rankin, Ruth Rendell, Penelope Lively, Louise Penny, Frank MacDonald, Julia Glass, Owen Sheers, TS Eliot, Hugo Williams, Leonard Cohen, Kate Atkinson, Jane Urquhart, Michael Ondaatje, Louise Penny...

Favorite Quotations
'There is always time to do the things you want to do'

General About Me
The official version: S.B. Borgersen, founder of The Liverpool Literary Society, writes, makes music, and concocts recipes for doggy cookies on the shores of Nova Scotia, Canada. Her poetry, short fiction, and essays are published internationally. With a fondness for challenges, Sue is teaching herself to play the theremin. The unofficial version: Sue is known for being rather quirky. She turns somersaults to switch negatives into positives and no more so than after experiencing seniors' bullying a couple of years ago. Writing an essay on this topic was the probably the most difficult thing to do - but also the most fulfilling. She and her (very patient) husband found a dusty old Victorian house for sale 20 years ago. It took a year to make it habitable and Sue learned more than she knew about plumbing, plastering and wiring (and how to swear in Nova Scotia dialect.) This old house is in a rural coastal community of 72 souls, 63 dogs, and 49 cats (she exaggerates) - a huge change from the high powered career girl in the city of the 1980s. Yes, Sue was a Senior IT Strategy Consultant (note caps!)with a monster corporation before seeing the light 26 years ago over a long Frozen February Weekend (note caps again!) in Nova Scotia. Born in England during the war (well WWII of course) Sue has spent very little time in England, living in Cyprus, Bermuda, Turkey, Mauritius and probably a few other fine idyllic islands long forgotten. Married twice with two middle aged children, Sue loves her dogs, her friends and her family with a passion, is allergic to housework, loves to bake (and is currently experimenting with a triple layer ginger/chocolate/lemon cake), is learning to play the piano again, works with silver and bronze clay, writes 1000 words a day of mostly drivel (this is a good example - and most will get deleted tomorrow) and is also over fond of exclamation marks. Sue is addicted, seriously addicted, to knitting. Tip of iceberg. Carpe Diem

Shout Box
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Sep 3rd 2015

Hi Sue, and welcome to WA! I look forward to reading your work and don't hesitate to ask if you get stuck.

Sep 2nd 2015
Heyo, what a lovely surprise to see you here! Welcome!
Sep 2nd 2015

Welcome Sue! And what fabulous dogs. I'm Nicola AKA Nina Croft. Looking forward to reading your work. Hope you find your way around the site okay, but let us know if you get stuck with anything.

Sep 2nd 2015

Hi everyone - thanks so much for inviting me to join. Sue